This week is Young Living’s annual convention. Every year they throw one heck of a party! They always exceed my expectations, but this year is over the top (and I’m not just talking about the Carrie Underwood concert). Each year, this is the time the new products are announced, which creates a heap of excitement among us distributors. 2017 is going to be out of control!! I’ll be introducing you to these awesome new products over the next days. There were two new product collections that are game changers. Let’s chat about the first must have product line!


Young Living has made a new line of products specifically formulated for tiny kiddos called Seedlings! How cool is this? Now, as a mom, you can confidently and easily care for your kid without the worry of harsh chemicals, additives and synthetics. Many moms are busy and can’t find the time to browse Pinterest for DIY soap, shampoo, lotions etc. Young Living has made things so easy for moms (and dad’s too!)


The new Seeding products include a baby lotion, baby oil, baby wash and shampoo, baby wipes, diaper rash cream and a linen spray… Yes, ALL OF THOSE ARE NEW PRODUCTS! That’s everything a mom needs to take superb care of their kid! These are going to make amazing baby shower gifts too. New moms can feel confident knowing that Young Living is looking out for the health and wellbeing of their family.


You can be confident with Young Living’s new Seedling products made with your kiddo in mind. The standards are set high, very high. There’s no better time to join the Young Living family than now. I would be honored to help you begin to create a home with more plant based, natural products and less chemicals. Simply click here to get started.



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