Premium Starter Kit

Every household needs it….a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Adults need them, kids need them, pets need them. Young Living’s mission is to get essential oils into every household and I’m here to help make that dream a reality.


Maybe your goal is to rid your home of nasty chemicals? We have a solution for that.


Maybe your goal is to replace your skin care products with paraben free, plant based, pH balanced, naturally derived hyaluronic acid products? We have a solution for that.  (OMG, the skin care line has changed my life)


Maybe you want to make all natural pesticides for your garden? You can do that with Young Living Essential Oils.


Maybe you’ve heard the benefits of Thieves Essential Oil and want to see if the myths are true? Yes, it’s that awesome and you won’t believe how much healthier you’ll be! In fact, Young Living has made a whole line of Thieves based products and they ROCK!


Maybe you want plant based vitamins and supplements from an environmentally conscious company with no additives, fillers or byproducts? Young Living is the answer!


Are you looking to replace your medicine cabinet with “potions” that your friends will most certainly be jealous over? Yeah, you all need to try this stuff. You’ll have jealous friends.  I would recommend preparing extra “potions” ahead of time, just incase!  You might need to share 🙂


What do you have to lose? I’ve used Young Living for over 3 years. I can honestly say I love this company. I appreciate the integrity behind the company, their respect for the environment and their dedication to create the best essential oils in the world. It’s not easy to create a high quality essential oil. The Young Living standards are high, really high. You won’t get a bad product. These oils work and you NEED them in your life.


Can I convince you to try them? Invest in yourself and your family. I’ll be here to help guide you along your oily journey! Click here to get started 🙂

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