Lavender and Lemon Linen Spray

Have you ever wondered what’s actually in your commercial room spray? If you knew, you probably wouldn’t want to know. Those artificial chemicals are cheap and can cause health problems. It’s not necessary to have in your home, around your family, because there are easy alternatives available.


One Christmas break from college I moved home to work at a popular smelly lotion and candle shop in my local mall.  At the end of each day I’d have an awful headache, especially around the spice smells. Ugh! I knew from that moment on I couldn’t handle room sprays, air fresheners, potpourri or candles.


I was hesitant to try essential oils at first because of my previous bad experience with smelly things. I thought for sure they would give me another awful headache. To my surprise, I had no headache. Actually, I felt better. I was so thrilled, I kept adding to my oily collection which quickly turned into an addiction!


This linen spray can also be used as a room spray. It’s very easy to make, cheap and better than the commercial chemical filled alternatives. To order your Young Living Starter kit, simply click here and you’ll be on your way!


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