Essential Beauty Serum and Tranquil Roll On

I’ve recently discovered an amazing Young Living product, an uncommon item that most people have never heard of. The Essential Beauty Serum has been the best thing that’s happened to my skin in 30+ years! It’s a blend of Cedarwood Bark Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Blue Cypress Wood Oil, Rosehip Seed Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Myrrh Oil, Clove Flower Bud Oil, Tocopherol, Wolfberry Seed Oil, Lecithin, and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.

This serum is made for dry skin. It can be used directly on the skin, however I choose to add a drop of the serum to the Sandalwood Moisturizer to make it spread more even on my face. Improving the dryness of my skin has significantly decreased the amount of breakouts. This is the best my skin’s EVER looked. This 15ml bottle is at a great price point of only $20.25 for members. I use only 1-2 drops at a time, so one bottle has already lasted a few months.

If you have dry, acne prone skin please consider giving the Essential Beauty Serum a try. It’s one of my new favorite things.


Tranquil has been game changer in the world of insomnia. In the past I had a terrible time sleeping. I couldn’t turn my brain off at night. It would routinely take me an hour or more to fall asleep. Now I roll a bit of Tranquil (Lavender, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile) on my wrists, behind my ears and a small amount on my chest and I’m out like a light! While there are many options for insomnia, this one has worked the best for me .

These are two of my favorite Young Living products. If you’d like to get started on this journey, click here! Pick your Premium Starter Kit (a diffuser is a MUST), and add on a few oils. You never know what your new favorite could be!!

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