Purification Essential Oil

Purification is an essential oil blend that helps to disinfect the air when diffused. Diffusing it, along with Thieves essential oil,  adds and extra punch you’ll certainly enjoy! It is wonderful for cleansing cuts, relieving itch from bug bites and fighting infections. Purification consistently helps my husband’s gym bag smell better, deodorizes my carpet after pet stains occur, and makes a great spot treatment for my acne. During the summer, I mix up some bug spray with Purification, Thieves and Peppermint and it works great! I took it camping in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula last summer and it worked perfectly! If I forget the laundry in the washer overnight, a couple drops of purification either into the rinse cycle, or on wool dryer balls freshens things up again. The smell is nice and clean too.

Purification is one of the 11 oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit. It’s a staple essential oil at my house. My sister in law from the Philippines made sardines recently. They stunk so bad! She diffused Purification oil before my brother came home from work and he had no idea she had made sardines haha…. You’ll be shocked how well it works. It’s so much better for you than plug ins and room sprays made from petroleum products, YUCK!.


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