Lemon Essential Oil

My favorite use for lemon is for taking sticky stuff off surfaces. I’m not kidding, rub a drop or two of lemon on an old sticky surface and BAM, it’s like it was never there! No nasty chemicals or intense elbow grease needed. Other uses for lemon oil include diffusing with peppermint for a boost of energy. It’s perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, just add a drop to your water (make sure it’s in glass). Lemon oil is also great for crafts. I love making lemon poppy seed soaps because they make awesome gifts! I’ve added a drop or two of lemon oil to my cookie frosting for a little zing! Have you ever needed fresh lemon for cooking only to find you don’t have one? Look no further than your bottle of lemon essential oil. Just add a few drops to your recipe to substitute a fresh lemon!

Lemon, lavender and peppermint are a great combo to help with seasonal allergy symptoms. They can be used in a roller, taken with honey or in a capsule or diffused into the air. So many options for lemon oil! It’s uplifting smell is perfect for a rainy day. As part of the Premium Starter Kit, lemon essential oil is a must have in my house for all of the reasons listed above.

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