Succulents + Essential Oils

Succulents are super popular with many of my friends right now. I decided to jump on the succulent bandwagon this weekend. I found a decent variety of succulents at a local greenhouse and bought a few of them….well, maybe more than a few (28 to be exact).

I also love shopping for ceramic pots. I frequently find myself at Homegoods or little craft stores holding back on the fact that I want to buy every last one of them. Up until now, I never had a reason to buy those beautiful pots. Recently a friend shared her idea of succulents and oils, so now I have many many reasons to get crafty!

Here’s how it works:

You pick the cutest ceramic pot you can find. One with a few holes on the bottom is better.

Visit your nearest greenhouse for your favorite succulent. Grab a little extra potting soil for the planting process.

Decorate around your succulent with moss, rocks, bark or pebbles. Lava rocks can be found at some local home stores like Michaels, Lowe’s or Home Depot. If they’re not easy to find locally, Amazon has a nice selection. Lava rocks are porous and will hold essential oils, so I recommend a few if you can find them.

Drop some Young Living Essential Oils onto the lava rocks (or moss if no lava rocks are available). Now you have the perfect gift, personal diffuser for your desk or bathroom air freshener!

This is a unique and creative way to share Young Living Essential oil with your friends and family. Give it a try!

To learn more about my journey with essential oils check out my mini website here.

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