April Essential Reward #2

I had to order twice this month because I just HAD to have a couple extra things!

A refill on the Ningxia Zing was due. Drew, my husband, is a big fan. It replaces his coffee in the morning. He gets up very early to go to the gym and uses this as an energy drink. Large amounts of caffeine make him jittery, and he tolerates this much better. Also, he uses it as a mixer for his vodka drinks! So drink up!!

The mint face scrub is one of my favorite skin care products and it’s so affordable. A dime size amount is all it takes to get a good scrub going. I use it 2-3 times a week and it makes a big difference.

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m going on a missions trip to Haiti soon. One of the staff members at the base requested essential oils. I’m bringing them a Premium Starter Kit but wanted to add some other useful oils. I chose cedarwood and lemongrass in this order. Cedarwood is great for sleeping. Lemongrass it good for pain related to inflammation and also a part of the bug spray I make.

The last thing in this box is the item I’m most excited about. The Ningxia Red Popsicle Set!!!! I’m going to take a shot of Ningixa and mix with some greens, banana, maybe some mango blend them up and freeze them into popsicles. This is a wonderful idea! I love popsicles and I love Ningxia, so I feel this is going to be a win-win situation. Also, kids love popsicles in the summer months. This would be a great way to sneak some antioxidants into their diet without them even knowing!


For more information on ordering, simply send me a message! Or visit here to read more about my oily journey!

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